Traction Pad Breakdown

Traction Pad Breakdown

The ocean can be your best friend one moment and worst enemy the next, so dialing in your equipment ensures that when that dreamy peak swings your way your in the right spot.

 And when your not it’s reassuring to know that your leg rope won't snap and your traction pad will give you the grip you need.

With 20 years of development and formula refinement, the Creatures of Leisure traction pads are the ultimate in durability and performance. Designed and tested by the world best surfers, Creatures traction is tried, true and proven from our product development facilities to your favorite beachie.

 Passion for product quality runs deep here at Creatures and while your biggest concern may be keeping your feet locked in on that next tube-ride, we’re never quite satisfied, constantly looking for ways to innovate.

Dive into that innovation below:

Creatures EVA Formula

Our formula consists of a unique cross linking, uniform cell structure offering high impact resistant, foam memory and UV stability, water absorption resistance and an extremely high tear threshold.

 The exclusive formula enables our pads to be slices extremely slim without comprising strength and durability while significantly reducing weight. EVA helps to make your traction lighter, strong and more durable.

 Traction Patterns

No two waves are the alike – we could say the same for feet. We all have different preferences for traction design, so we’ve developed a variety of traction patterns so you can find that ideal grip for your lowest extremity that cleanly compliments your board. 


The kick you choose depends on the type of surfer you are. More kick will give you more leverage for power surfing and rail-to-rail maneuvers.


Big arches? Small arches? No arches? We’ve got options so your foot sits comfortably on that tail pad ready for your next maneuver. 

3M Adhesive

Anything worse than your pad peeling off after your first session? That’s why we use the world’s most stable adhesive for traction pads. All Creatures traction pads are made using 3M adhesive, featuring fast tacking and high temperature resistance properties.

The nuance’s of traction pad design and construction might be overlooked – it’s rather easy to just toss a good looking pad onto your fresh sled and call it a day but our team takes things quite seriously because, well it’s simple: we strive to create the highest quality surf hardware so you can elevate your surfing with reliable, comfortable equipment.

Shop our collection of signature traction below – designed and tested by the world very best.

Mick Fanning

Designed with lightning speed surfing in mind. Micks performance pad features no dye cut holes for reliable all-over traction.

Steph Gilmore

Steph’s design and color palette was inspired by swimwear. Fashion meets function with the Square-loc traction pattern, 7mm tear drop arch and a 28mm ramp kick.

Mitch Coleborn’s

Designed for extreme performance surfing. New and exclusive 5.5mm ridged arch and square-loc II traction pattern for a super thin lightweight pad with more board feel.



Griffin Colapinto Signature Traction

Griffin’s new pad is designed for the ultimate in high performance surfing. Featuring the Diamond II pattern, contrast pin hole cut outs and dual layer construction provides an aggressive traction pad with a modern tech look.


shop the rest of the signature collection here



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