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      6 products

      Creatures Art Series: Hardware Inspired By Surfboard Art

      Surfboard art designs have captured the energy and personality of our culture for decades. From full airbrushes, to flames, to tattoo-inspired motifs, adding that bit of extra colour to a board lifts the whole experience.

      Creatures has now taken that to the next level with our Creatures Art Series. Featuring tail pads and leashes with surfboard art-inspired designs woven in, it’s a way to bring extra flare to your hardware. Everything is made with Creatures’ high-quality approach to materials, tested by the best surfers in the world. Explore the full range of surfboard art-inspired designs above.

      High-Quality Traction To Compliment Your Surfboard Art Designs

      Creatures Art Series Traction brings extra personality to our signature traction range, developed by the best surfers in the world. Leading the way is Griffin Colapinto’s new flame tail pad, plus Jack Freestone’s signature check and barbed wire tattoo designs. Each style comes in multiple colours, without compromising on ultra-high performance.

      Every piece in the range is made with EcoPure® biodegradable foam, meaning it will break down in landfill at its end of life while maintaining incredible grip during use. Other features include proven traction patterns like the THERMO-LITE Diamond Loc II, which provides a thinner, lighter, and more responsive tail pad.

      Check out the very latest surfboard art-inspired designs as part of our New Drop.

      The Art of Making Reliable Leashes

      Creatures of Leisure has been making the most reliable surf leashes in the world for well over three decades. From our founder John Malloy being the first to introduce urethane cords to the market, to developing the stainless steel bearing swivel that won’t seize up in saltwater, we have been at the forefront of surfing innovations longer than most.

      Working the way it should is essential, but so is feeling great about your leash as well. To bring some more fun to the water, we’ve added in our surfboard art-inspired designs to the leg cuff of our most popular leash series - SUPERLITE. The SUPERLITE leash is the lightest, most comfortable leash in the world specifically developed with premium materials for a 'no leash feel'. Check out the Art Series options, complete with Barbed Wire Print cuff detail. Stealth and standout all at the same time.

      Every Creatures leash comes with an industry-leading 2 year warranty. If you need to know anything more about our innovations, or which surf hardware style is best for you, get in touch with our friendly team.