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      44 products

      The Best Surfing Accessories in Australia

      Creatures of Leisure was founded by John Malloy, who had a mission to make the best surf accessories in the world. He introduced urethane as the ultimate surf leash material in the 70s and later invented the stainless steel double-bearing swivel that won’t seize up in salt water. Both innovations remain the global gold standard to this day. John’s unbreakable legacy was all about enjoying the ride and helping others do the same....

      We’ve continued to push the envelope with reliable, high-quality surf accessories for well over four decades now, including inventing a surf leash release pin, and developing signature tail pads with world champs like Steph Gilmore, Mick Fanning and Italo Ferreira. There’s also a full range of surfboard covers featuring our Diamond Tech material, which was specially developed to protect surfboards when travelling. Check out our range today. 

      Discover Our Surfboard Accessories Online

      To expand our offering of the best surf accessories in Australia, we’ve partnered with Sexwax and Surf|Ears as their sole distributors, selling ding repair kits and sun cure online, fin keys, surf hats, surf buckets, surf caps, surf change mats, wax combs, surf ponchos (aka hoodie towels) and a whole lot of other surfboard accessories. 

      Every one of our high-quality surfboard accessories is tested by our team in our backyard of Southwest Western Australia. The unforgiving waves of the Indian Ocean are the perfect proving grounds to see what will stand up to a hammering. Our global surf team then take the gear to places like Tahiti and Hawaii for further abuse. By the time production hits the shelves, their prototypes have been stretched, sunbleached, scuffed, scraped and soiled to prove they can stand whatever you throw at them.

      For those who want to continue the stoke in the car park, we’ve also released some core surf apparel featuring key Creatures logos designs over the years. Designs include short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees and surf caps. Explore the Creatures apparel range here.

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      We’re now THE #1 one-stop shop for surfing accessories Australia-wide, online and beyond. Everything is made for a lifetime of discovery. There’s free shipping for all orders over $75. We also stand by our products with industry-leading warranties.

      Hit the water with the best surf equipment today. Hit the water with Creatures of Leisure.