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      The World’s Winningest Surfboard Traction Pads

      There’s one surfboard grip pattern that’s won more world titles than any other - the Creatures’ Square Loc (Mick Fanning x 3, Steph Gilmore x 8, Italo Ferreira x 1, Chelsea Georgeson x 1, and counting). Throw in Italo’s historic surfing Gold Medal and it has proven to hold up at the highest levels of performance. That’s extra confidence for you when throwing yourself over the ledge of your local slab, or trying to land a full-rote for the first time in a wave pool...

      However, even if two surfboard traction pads have Square Loc on them, they’re often not the same. You might need a tail pad to suit a fish tail shape, you might want full deck grip to avoid using wax, or you might want something with the personality of your favourite pro.

      To help narrow things down, we’ve put together a handy guide on finding the best surfboard tail pad for you. Read it here.

      EcoPure®: Sustainable Surfboard Tail Pads

      In 2020, Steph Gilmore challenged us to come up with better surfboard tailpads that aren’t as toxic for the environment. The search led us to EcoPure® - an organic additive that helps surfboard traction biodegrade in landfill after use, without sacrificing performance.

      Steph, Mick Fanning, Italo Ferreira, Griffin Colapinto, Ethan Ewing, Jack Freestone and more have since all tested EcoPure® deck grip and love it. This more sustainable option now makes up over 80% of our range! Less impact. Pure performance.

      Explore the Creatures Signature Team Tail Pad Collection for pure performance here, or the Reliance series of EcoPure® tailpads for extra value here. A way to make a choice that’s better for your surfing, and the planet.

      Tail Pads and Deck Grips For Groms

      We’ve tailored our surfboard traction range for all sorts of surfers. There are our grom tail pads for pint-sized shredders, THERMO-LITE materials for those who want a tailpad that’s 20% thinner, or full deck options for air lords and longboarders alike. There’s even Mick Fanning’s latest edition to the range - Mick’s Performance Twin Fin Tail Pad.

      To view the entire Creatures surfboard traction range, explore above. Or, if you need an ultra-reliable surf leash to go with it, head here.

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