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      The World’s Best Surfboard Leashes and Leg Ropes

      For over 40 years Creatures have been innovating and testing the best surf leashes in the world. Founder John Malloy pioneered the use of urethane as the ultimate cord material and invented the stainless-steel double bearing swivel to stop things seizing up in saltwater. Both innovations remain the standard worldwide to this day....

      Since then, we evolved things further for extra cuff comfort, created lighter cords to reduce drag, and patented the DNA Flex Mould - an invention that solved the age-old issue of surf leashes breaking near the cuff. After that, our returns rate has dropped to almost zero.

      For surf leashes you can rely on, shop online with Creatures of Leisure.

      Or, to learn more about the evolution of the leg rope, from a piece of bell cord with some velcro on the end to the high-tech designs of today, head here.

      Is it Surf Leash, or Leg Rope?

      Is it a surf leash, a surfboard leash, or a leg rope? We’ll be honest, it’s all the same thing. A lot of salty Aussies use the term leg rope (aka leggy), while it seems most Americans say surf leash. Surfboard leash seems to be an obvious extension and seems fairly universal.

      Whatever you call it, you want something you can trust. We’ve split our range into collections to make it easier when you want to buy a surf leash. There’s SUPERLITE for the height of performance. RELIANCE blends trusted materials with ultra-tough design. And, there’s ICON, for straight-up value.

      If you’re also after boardcovers that stand up to the abuse of travel, or want to get your feet on the world’s winningest surf traction, explore our full range of surf equipment here.

      Or for a bit of fun, find out who wears their surf leash over their wetsuit or under. We polled the world’s best surfers and our own community on Instagram. The results might surprise you…

      Surf Leashes (and Service) You Can Rely On

      Every one of Creatures’ surf leashes comes with our industry-leading, 2-year warranty. That’s backed up with an award-winning customer service team who knows their DNA Flex Moulds from their SureFire Release Tabs. Contact us on cs@leisurecollective.com.au or head into your local stockist for expert advice.

      If you do order a surf leash online, we offer the convenience of Afterpay and FREE shipping on all orders over $75. And, if you’re looking for an article on how to find the best surf leash for you, we’ve put together something tailored right here.

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