Surfer's Ear Protection

Surfer's Ear Protection

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      3 products

      Read more about Conner's visit with Dr Douglas Hetzler here.

      The Best Surf Ear Protection

      Surfers struggle with their ears. There is of course the dreaded Surfer’s Ear - the bone growth in our audio canals from cold and wind exposure that surgeons have named after us. But, there’s also frequent ear infections, trapped water (swimmer’s ear), and excess wax buildup. One problem often makes the other worse. To help, we distribute the best surf ear protection on the planet. ...

      For preventing surfer’s ear and infections, there are Surf|Ears earplugs. These surf ear plugs block out water, but allow in sound, so you can keep your balance and social aspect of surfing going while still enjoying incredible surf ear protection.   

      For extra maintenance we’ve also specially developed surfer ear drops under the brand Drop In Surf. There’s the ‘swimmers ear drops’ which help dry out any trapped water after a surf. We’ve also added in ear cleaner drops which help stop excess wax build up, which can lead to blockages. 

      Browse our full range of surfer ear plugs and surfer ear drops above. 

      Surfer’s Ear Plugs Australia-Wide

      As the official distributor for SurfEars, we ship surfer’s ear plugs Australia-wide. There’s free shipping on orders over $75 with an easy returns policy too. For sizing, there are adults surfing ear plugs or surf ear protection for kids as well. 

      If you’re wanting other handy surfer’s accessories beyond surf ear protection, you’ll find a full range of options in our store. 

      Need Surf Wax? We also distribute SexWax Australia-Wide and stock every salty local shop in the country. For a full range of sun protection like surf hats, surf caps and more, head here

      Otherwise, if you’re simply wanting a core surf t-shirt or hat for cruising on flat days, we’ve developed a range of Creatures long-sleeve tees, short-sleeves and headwear. Browse the full apparel range here.

      Need Help Picking the Best Surfer’s Ear Plugs?

      If you need any more information on which surf ear protection is right for you, reach out to our customer service team. They know SurfEars earplugs inside out, are experts on Drop In Surf ear drops, and can recommend the best options. 

      Simply reach out to 

      For serious cases of surfer’s ear or recurring ear infections, we also strongly recommend you chat with your GP about the best surf ear protection for you.