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Surf Wax & Accessories from Mr. Zogs

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      13 products

      Sex Wax - The Best Surf Wax

      Mr Zog’s Sex Wax is widely recognised by surfers the world over as the ultimate surfboard traction. Invented in 1976, the formula has been refined over the decades for different water temperatures to ensure things stay tacky and sticky in all conditions. But, why is it called Sex Wax?  ...

      The story goes that the popular shaper, Zog, asked his friend and artist, Hank Pitcher, to design a label for a new type of surf wax. Hank drew a visually intriguing logo bearing the title "Sex Wax", liking the name because it sounded phonetically cool. 

      Zog thought it was attention-grabbing, absurd, and a great spoof on Madison Avenue's not very subtle attempts to use sex to sell products. The name has led to some hilarious misunderstandings, great stories, and amazing letters from satisfied, yet confused, customers. There are those who have been offended by the name and refused to buy it. Some even banned display of the logo at schools and family amusement parks. 

      Then there are people who read the label and smile with the knowledge that the world needs all the humor it can get. The world also needs epic surfboard wax, so here we are.

      Which Colour Sex Wax? Australia State by State.

      Blue, red, orange, green, purple. We know it can be a little confusing which type of  wax you need in Australia. To make things easier, we’ve created a full run down state by state Sex Wax Guide:

      • For something short and sweet - Blue is great for a harder base coat (or if you’re doing a trip to the tropics). 
      • Red is best in Queensland during the warmer months. 
      • Orange is the most versatile surf wax, great for NSW and WA most of the year, plus VIC, TAS and SA in summer. 
      • Finally, Green and Purple are specially formulated for colder water, so if you’re surfing with penguins, you’ll be into those.

      Creatures of Leisure is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Sex Wax Australia-Wide. For the entire range of Mr Zog’s Sex Wax gear, browse the entire range above. The perfect place to buy surf wax online, delivered direct to your door.

      Sex Wax Air Freshener, Towels Tees and More

      Mr Zog’s Sex Wax isn’t just renowned as the best surf wax out there. People also LOVE the smell. To satisfy surfer’s noses, you can get Sex Wax Air Freshener, Sex Wax Candles, plus tees, towels and more. The Sex Wax Towels and Tees don’t smell, obviously, but they’re perfect for core crew who love the brand and want quality soft goods to back up their habit. 

      For the festive season, we have the always popular Sex Wax Christmas Stocking which combines the Sex Wax Air Freshener, candle, and surf wax in a classic little package.

      For any questions about wanting to buy surf wax online, or if you want to chat about the best options for you, reach out to our team.

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