Lewy Finnegan in "RAMPAGE"

Lewy Finnegan in "RAMPAGE"

Lewy Finnegan goes absolutely wild in his new short film "RAMPAGE", filmed and edited by Ashden Garrett.   

We sat with Lewy and got some insight on this banger edit that is blasting through the bodyboard world!  Watch Rampage Below and read all about it below!


CREATURE OF LEISURE: How long has RAMPAGE been in the works? 

LEWY FINNEGAN: I basically started filming with Ashden last Wedge season so all-up we’ve been chasing waves together for about 8-10 months. It’s been somewhat on-and-off as we’ve both been working and pursuing other things between filming for this project but we definitely worked hard on the days that we did link up to film.


COL: What was it like working with Ashden? 

LF: It was super fun. Ashden is so passionate about bodyboarding, and in particular stylish bodyboarding, so he was always motivating me to put a bit more emphasis on trying to ride with style. He’s high energy and has so much froth for chasing waves that it’s hard not to feel the same way when I’m hanging with him.

COL: Which move had the most intense impact on landing? 

LF: I guess the answer is pretty obvious but it was definitely the 720. I smashed my face really hard on the landing and actually really hurt the cartilage in my nose. My entire upper gum and nose were sore for about 2 weeks after that one. It wasn’t anything serious thankfully, and everything healed up perfectly fine after some time. Worth it, for sure.

 COL: Which spot is the most productive to shoot for a video? 

LF: Mandurah Wedge is quite literally one of the top waves for bodyboarding in the world. The fact that we have it on our doorstep here in WA makes me so happy. The way the rock-wall is placed gives the wave a stadium feeling, which undoubtedly is why there’s always a small crowd of people chilling on the rocks and watching the action go down. It’s also pretty dreamy for filmers because they can choose any angle they want to shoot from, and I don’t think I need to say much about the wave itself… When everything comes together out there it’s the best ramp in the world. 

COL: Single favourite clip in RAMPAGE?  

LF: It has to be the 720. I’m fairly sure that air is going to be one of the clips that eventually becomes one of my career highlights when I look back on my run in bodyboarding when I’m an old man. 

COL: Describe the feeling when you rode out of the 720.  

LF: Honestly, I’d say the main feeling was one of disbelief. It all felt too easy. From the take-off I had 720 on my mind and everything just flowed really easily. Before I knew what even happened I was paddling back out to the line-up thinking in my head, ‘Did that actually just happen?’. Some of the boys asked me how my wave was and I struggled to answer them without laughing because I’d basically just done the best air of my life. I just remember praying that Ashden got the clip which thankfully he nailed. 

COL: Any new waves on your list to get crazy waves?  

LF: Yeh, I did quite a lot of exploring of some new zones in WA last Winter and we found some really good setups that I’m fairly certain haven’t been surfed before. Now is not the time of year to be going back there as tides and conditions aren’t lining up but next Autumn I’m going to be chasing some of these mystical zones to try and get some epic new content of some new waves. Exciting times!

COL: Who are the crew that make you go harder?  

LF: I used to always feel pressure to go harder from external things like other riders, friends, my sponsors, etc. Nowadays I feel like I’m really just riding for myself and my own pleasure. I enjoy the feeling of pushing and challenging myself to perform better, charge harder and generally just achieve higher levels. This isn’t exclusive to my bodyboarding either, it’s become an approach to my entire life. I love pushing my limits in all aspects. It’s not always what’s best for me and my health but it brings me so much joy that I can’t imagine living any other way right now.

COL:  What tricks on you working on in the future?  

LF: I wouldn’t say I’m ‘working’ on anything in particular but there’s definitely some rotations that I believe could look really sick if they’re performed well. The invert-backflip is one. As well as an Air forward-Roll. Mandurah Wedge is definitely the launchpad needed to go for crazy airs like this, so you can expect to see some attempts this coming season of some whacky airs. I can’t promise I’ll pull anything off but hey, a man’s gotta try! 


Photo at The Right: Kim Feast

All other images are frame grabs from "RAMPAGE". Filmed and edited by Ashden Garrett

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