The DNA of a Reliable Surf Leash

There’s one key thing that makes CREATURES leashes stronger… this is it.

“Our leash breakages stopped overnight” - Shane Partington, Director of Surf, on the invention of the DNA Flex Mould.

To design any highly functional product, the first thing you do is break it down into its most important parts and make sure each one of them is reliable. That they fulfill their main purpose. 

A leash is only as good as the sum of its parts.

For surf leashes, that means you need: 

  1. A strong cord that won’t break (or lose its shape too much over time)
  2. An ankle cuff that is comfortable yet a firm fit
  3. A secure way to attach the leash to your board.

Some other engineering geekery comes in too, like how do you stop things from twisting and tangling? CREATURES solved that riddle years ago by inventing the Stainless Steel dual bearing swivel. Pretty much every leash brand in the world uses it today in their designs.

RELIANCE Comp 6 in Black Cyan. Photo: Anj Semark

But, there’s another absolutely key piece of the puzzle too: make sure everything holds together without failing.

No matter how strong your cord is, it’s useless if it keeps breaking where it’s joined to the ankle cuff or swivel. That’s the age old problem facing surf leash makers the world over. If you get a return, it’s normally at that critical juncture. 

Until, CREATURES solved it. 

Our return rate dropped to 0.001%** immediately

The solution was a piece of technical mastery that’s since been patented by CREATURES. It’s called the DNA Flex Mould.

RELIANCE Candy Cords. Photo: Anj Semark

Why is the DNA Flex Mould so revolutionary?

“There are two key things that make this design so special,” explains CREATURES Head of Product Beau Campi. “The scallop join has much more surface area than a straight bond, creating a far stronger connection. The mould’s ‘DNA’ shape also naturally flexes then returns to normal, offering important give in pressure situations, so it bends not breaks.”

CREATURES believes in the strength of the DNA Flex Mould so much that it has been put into every single one of our leash models - from entry level options all the way to big wave mammoths. That’s confidence. A design that has stood up over the years and continues to deliver. 

A design no other brand has in their offering. 

That’s CREATURES Strength.

**Statistic based on Creatures Australian sales vs returns. 

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