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Creatures was started to support the surfing lifestyle and shaped by the coast we call home.

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The Best Surfing Equipment and Accessories in Australia

From humble beginnings, Creatures’ founder John Malloy built an unbreakable legacy where the brand is now synonymous with high-quality surfing equipment. After hitchhiking to West Oz on a freightliner from the USA in 1974, he quickly realised the raw power of the Indian Ocean destroyed primitive surf accessories of the day. ...

To fix the issue, John pioneered the use of urethane cord in the surf leash and invented the stainless-steel bearing swivel, both of which are now standard in pretty much every leash in the world today.

While he has remained under the radar, John’s contribution to surfing and surf equipment is now being recognised in the documentary A Creature of Leisure, narrated by 7-times world champion Steph Gilmore. A story of the evolution of surfboard accessories many have never heard.

To check out A Creature of Leisure, head here.

Shortboard, Longboard Accessories and other Surfing Equipment

Not content with making the ultimate surf leash, John Malloy expanded Creatures’ surfing accessories to include boardcovers that fit longboards, purpose-built bodyboard leashes and accessories, world title winning surf traction and more. Essentially, if it helps you get in the water with more confidence, it’s now in our online store and at salty surf stockists around Australia.

Every design is tested in the Indian Ocean by our staff, and other proving grounds around the globe by the world’s best surfers. Crew like Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Italo Ferreira, Griffin Colapinto, Ethan Ewing and more all rely on Creatures equipment for surfing.

Whether charging at home, hitting an Indo strike mission, or making a big-wave pilgrimage to Hawaii, everything we do is built for a lifetime of discovery.

Discover the Best Surfing Accessories Online

We have a wide range of surfboard covers, tail pads, leashes and other high-quality surfing accessories online. There’s also easy-to-use tie-downs, fully-sealed dry bags, reliable surfboard bike racks, ear plugs to help prevent surfer’s ear, insanely good travel towels, world-renowned Sex Wax, and portable ding repair kits to keep in your surf travel bag.

Everything is delivered to your door with AfterPay options, or credit card payment available. And, if you’re not quite sure what you need, our award-winning customer service team is here to help.

Get in touch with us on if you need a hand. Or, head to your local Creatures’ stockist for the heads up on which designs are best for your home break.

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