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      6 products

      The Best Surfboard Covers in Australia (and the world)

      If you’re jumping on a plane (or in the car), it’s a good idea to protect your sled from knocks and scrapes. Creatures’ DiamondTech 2.0 is a specially-designed surfboard bag material that’s built tough for surf travel. Light, strong, abrasion resistant. On top of that, we’ve built in extra padding in the nose and tail, found durable, marine-grade zips that won’t clog up with salt, and tailored different sizes for different quivers....

      Hitting Indo with a range of short boards? You’ll be into our Triple Surfboard Cover.

      Need something to fit your Fish and Mid Length? Our HardWear Collection is tailor-fit from ultra durable canvas.

      Or, want a sturdy Day Cover you can throw on the roof racks without stressing about dings. Here’s one of our most popular options.

      For a full guide on how to choose the best surf board cover for you, head here.

      Surfboard Sock Covers vs Surfboard Travel Bags

      If you’re after something ultra durable for travel, you’re nearly always going to want a Creatures’ DiamondTech surfboard cover. They’re built tough with extra padding and specially developed, abrasion-resistant material.

      However, sometimes, all you’re after is a board sock. They’re epic for avoiding the old Irish wax job from your mates in the car, slipping on for a motorbike adventure through Bali, or just to keep your boards pristine and dust-free in the shed rack at home.

      We’ve developed 3 different options: Icon surfboard sox from stretchy toweling material, Reliance board sox with a padded-nose panel protection and a barrel-lock drawstring closure, or the ultimate Aero Lite Surfboard Sock with 3D paneling.

      See the full Creatures board sock collection here.

      We’ve also put together some helpful tips on other ways to keep your board protected in the car. A good surfboard cover is the first step, but there are some extra things you can do as well. Read the full article here.

      Surfboard Sock Covers and Bags For Sale Online

      If you’re after a board cover or board sock for sale online, the Creatures’ store offers AfterPay and FREE SHIPPING for orders over $75. Every design is backed up by our 2-year warranty and built for a lifetime of adventure. Simply explore above to check out the full range. 

      For personal advice on the best surfboard cover for you, contact our team at or find your closest Creatures stockist here.

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