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      24 products

      The Best Bodyboard Bags and Accessories

      John Malloy founded Creatures of Leisure decades ago to make the world’s most reliable, high-quality surf accessories. In the 1970s, he introduced urethane as the ultimate surf leash material then later invented the stainless steel bearing swivel that won’t clog up in saltwater. John’s unbreakable legacy has also included quality bodyboarding accessories since the early 90s. Never before had a core surf brand included their key tech in gear for bodyboarders as well....

      Working with pro bodyboarders like Ryan Hardy and now Lewy Finnegan, we’ve incorporated our innovations into bodyboard bags, bodyboard bicep leashes, fin savers and more to make the best bodyboard gear. Take a look through our range today. 

      The Most Reliable Bodyboard Leashes and Bags

      Our award-winning Superlite Leash technology, with its lighter, more comfortable cuff, DNA Flex Mould and SureFire Release tab, is now available in a bodyboard bicep leash. For bodyboard wrist leash options, there’s also the deluxe wrist coil, Reliance bodyboard leash, and the classic Icon.

      There’s also a full range of bodyboard bags (aka boogie board bags) featuring our Diamond Tech material, which was specially developed to protect bodyboards when travelling. These bodyboard bags fit up to four boards in them, also coming in tough board socks, and regular day covers. 

      To keep your fins where you want them, we also have a series of boardboard fin tethers (aka fin savers) and bodyboard fin socks for extra comfort. There’s even bodyboard plugs and bodyboard repair suncure ready to roll in our online store.

      Check Out Our Pro Bodyboard Accessories Today

      All of our high-quality boardboard gear is tested by our team riders globally and in our backyard of Southwest WA. The unforgiving surf of the Indian Ocean is the perfect proving ground to see what will hold up to a beating. 

      Our pro bodyboard team then travels with the covers and leashes to places like Teahupoo and Pipeline for road (and reef) testing. By the time production hits the shelves, their prototypes have been uncoiled, recoiled, sun-weathered, and smashed to prove they can withstand anything you throw at them.

      If you’re looking for the best boardboard gear then explore above. All online orders in Australia over $75 include FREE Shipping and are backed by our easy returns policy. Leashes and covers are also backed by an industry-leading 2 year warranty.