Black Edition Boardcovers

Black Edition Boardcovers

Black is cryptic yet powerful; elegant while evil. Often associated with the unknown, it gives off positive and negative vibes but in the end is really just rebellious and raw.

It's an absorption of all colors, making it something that all crew can get down with.  

Subtle to the eye, but high in detail, the Limited Black Edition Boardcovers offer the unique styling, features and construction of our day bag, double and triple boardcovers in an understated way. 

Check out the full range below:

 Shortboard Day Use

The perfect boardbag to get you to and from the beach. Lighter, stronger and more durable with exclusive diamond-tech fabric. 

Shortboard Double

Designed with lightweight, compact travel in mind. Dual board capacity which allows you to bring your go to and back-up board wherever you go next. 

Shortboard Triple

The Triple Boardcover is designed for serious surf travel. The three-board capacity allows you to have all your bases covered while safely transiting your quiver to your destination.

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