Which Surfboard Bag Is Best For You?

Which Surfboard Bag Is Best For You?

Boardcovers. They’re the best way to protect your surfboard from dings, scrapes and bigger travel bangs. But, not all surfboard bags are created equally. Some fit multiple surfboards, some are good for day trips, some are great for traveling, some are better for the car, some are perfect for zipping grommets in and rolling them down a sand dune. Jokes. That might damage your cover.

If you’ve ever wondered ‘what surfboard bag is best for me?’, this guide has you, well, covered.

The Best Surfboard Cover For Day Trips

When heading out on a strike mission you want something that’s lighter, easy to get around, yet still offers solid protection. This Shortboard Day Cover covers all bases. The DIAMOND-TECH® fabric was developed especially by Creatures for surfboard protection. There’s 5mm foam padding as a barrier against knocks and there’s enough room to slide in a wetty and towel too.

The Best Surfboard Bags For Travelling

When traveling, three boards is the optimum amount most of the time. It allows for a shortboard, fun board and step up. It’s what Indo customs let you come in with, without getting stung excess. It’s easy enough to carry while still having what you need. So, this Triple Cover is the best boardcover for plane trips. If you’re wanting something with a bit more room for full quiver, then think about the Multi-Board Tour Cover.

The Best Surfboard Cover For In-Car Protection

On the roof or in the back, surfboards can get damaged in cars pretty easily if you’re not careful. 10mm padding is more than enough to protect against knocks. It’s also great to have the ability to clip off your shoulder straps so there’s nothing flapping in the wind or getting snagged on seat belt hooks. We recommend this Two Surfboard Option so you can have twin go-to sleds ready to roll at the drop of a swell forecast. There’s even air ventilation to stop things from cooking in hot wagons in summer.

The Best Light Surfboard Bag

Sometimes you want something that’s extra light and will help avoid small knocks and Irish wax jobs for your mates stacking their board on top of yours. The humble board sock has been an absolute staple for many surfers for years because of this. While standard options are great, we love the Aero Lite Board Sock as an extra sleek surfboard bag. Great for extra in-cover protection too when you have multiple boards in a travel cover.

The Best Longboard Cover

Longboards are incredible to surf on but a nightmare to travel with. There’s more surface area to protect and more chance of bag slingers cracking it against a post or plane door. If you want the best protection for your mal, look at this Longboard Surfboard Bag. It comes in up to 9’6’’ options, has full 5mm padding and is covered in our patented DIAMOND-TECH® fabric.

The Best Fish Boardcover

Fun boards or fish surfboards nearly always come in wider tails, wider nose shapes and thicker volume that can make it hard to fit in regular surfboard bags. So, if you’re a fun board connoisseur, you’ll want something to suit that fish fetish. Depending on how many you’re taking, these Fish Board Covers will keep your pride and joys protected.

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