Jett Schilling is the new California kid on the block!

Jett Schilling is the new California kid on the block!

Surfing is changing before our very eyes and the pool of talent seems to deepen every year, with a new litter of groms emerging from different pockets of the world.

Lucky for us, we've got some experienced eyes to help survey those deep pools - he goes by the name of Mick Fanning. You'd be crazy not to trust Mick's intuition, so when it came to Jett Schilling and adding him to the Elite International Junior Team we knew it was a no-brainer. The kid never stops smiling and has potential through the roof, not to mention he rips. It's pretty safe to say Jett is stoked to join the team...

"It's pretty much a dream come true. After getting to stay at his house and surf for the day, Mick Fanning asked if I wanted to join the Creatures team."

During his stay on the goldy, Jett was lucky enough to take a stroll through Mick's trophy room, in hopes of one day following in the legends footsteps

Jett hails from San Clemente, California and at the ripe age of 15 just recently took down the U16 US Championships at Lower Trestles. The kids got an insane competitive prowess and free-surfing style beyond his years and has been travelling since his young grom days so he's seasoned in all types of waves. 

Peep young Jett throwing a few haymakers in Texas -- and keep your eyes peeled for this him!

Video: Sam Moody (@clubmedsucks)

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