2023 Surf Accessory Christmas Ideas!

2023 Surf Accessory Christmas Ideas!

What do you buy a surfer? The automatic answer - a surfboard - might not be that easy. Surfboards are ultra personal and hard to get right unless you’ve managed to weed out dimensions from the person you’re gifting too. Not to mention the cost. Surfboard accessories on the other hand? A damn sight easier to get right and still produce a stocking-load of stoke when the red-suited man surfs down the chimney. 
We’ve put together a list of must-have surf accessories that will 100% put a smile on any surfer’s dial. From inexpensive to bigger options if you’re wanting to go all out. Here’s our Surfer’s Christmas Gift Guide for 2023…


Fin slices, reef rash, jellyfish stings. The list of injuries surfers rack up each year is longer than a longboard. We’ve curated a first aid kit with The Ocean Warrior for those of the salty persuasion. It’s all wrapped in a red dry bag that’s easy to find, fits in jetski compartments, and matches festive season colours. Coincidence? Yes. But, we’ll take it. Our #1 pick for a surfer’s Christmas gift.


On the first aid theme, this next one is more about prevention than patching up. The Leash Release Pin does exactly what the name says - lets you quickly separate yourself from your surf leash in emergency situations. Even better it works with any of Creatures current leashes. Give them confidence & pull the pin. 


Surfers use wax every single time they hit the water. It gets used up faster than a shopaholic's credit card limit. Replenish your favourite surfer’s stocks by slipping some in their Christmas socks. Sex Wax is the most popular brand of surf wax in the world. And the Sex Wax air fresheners are the easiest stocking stuffer ever! Easy buy. Easy win. 
Sexwax air freshener


No one likes sand, not even surfers. The worst thing is when it gets all junked up in your wax and other bobs. Keep everything clean and organised with this FlexiTub that fits a bunch of surfing essentials, including the wax you just slipped in their stocking. Nothing like a gift that links with another!


The perfect complement to wax - traction tail pads are an absolute surf essential. From Grom specific sizes that fit on small boards, to fish versions, to EcoPure designs which biodegrade at their end of life, we’ve got it all. If you’re a little unsure, we recommend the Italo Ferreira Signature Pad. SBIA Award-winning. Backed by a world champ and Olympic Gold Medalist. Comes in EcoPure.


Kids and adults alike love these cozy bits of fabric. They keep you dry, warm, and help you get changed easier without showing off your tricky bits. The grommet ones come in fun prints and the adult options come in fluffy cotton or velvety velour.
GROM Poncho


If you live in colder climates, chances are your surfer friend feels the sting of early morning frost on their rig quite frequently. Keep that chill off with this fully polar-fleece lined, weather-proof poncho that’s built for surf checks with Rudolph. 


The Multi-Purpose Surf Bucket is made with waterproof materials with taped seams to chuck your wet gear in and carry with ease - no drips, no worries. It can even double as a beer-chiller by sliding in some ice and tins and hitting the Sunset Bar. Christmas drinks anyone?
Surf Buckets


Speaking of buckets... a bucket (hat) for your head is a great idea as a summer gift for surfers. This little number has a comfy chin strap to keep the thing on, even during duck dives and wipeouts. For the slightly more fashion conscious surfer, there’s also a regular surf cap version that’s lightweight and fast drying.
Surf Bucket Hat


Having a festive sip for Christmas? Here’s a present they’ll unwrap and put straight to good use. The Creatures Stubby Holder keeps your drink cold, using our non-clip cuff technology to also keep things snug in your palm. It’s not just for beer tins either. Soft drinks, grandma’s gin, Aunty Carol’s Kumbucha. This covers it all.


It’s horrific when Uncle Cornelius gives all the kids the same book every year at Christmas. Be the cool uncle with this tome that’s another kind of scary. Facing Monsters documents in stunning full colour, Kerby Brown’s mission to ride the most dangerous waves on the planet.


The big one. This is for surfers who love hitting the road in search of waves. Tip: that’s all of us. Made with specially developed Diamond Tech fabric that’s durable and abrasion resistant, it’s built to foil baggage handlers at every throw & stow. Go one further and fill this sucker up with all of the above gifts and you have the Ultimate Surfer’s Stocking. 

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