Jack Freestone Experiences SUPERLITE

Jack Freestone Experiences SUPERLITE


The exclusive new SUPERLITE leash provides comfort, trust and lightness in the water -- something our team of world renown surfers is loving, especially Jack Freestone. 

When you're surfing on the world's largest stage, trusting your equipment is paramount for performing at the highest level. Jack makes no exceptions when it comes to his leashes, from surfing big barreling reef breaks to playful waves around home -- Jack is loving the new SUPERLITE


"The SUPERLITE leash is where lightness meets strength. It gives me an added boost of confidence during every session. Whether it's in heats at solid Teahupoo or free-surfing on the Goldie, it's hands down the best leash I've ever used. Stoked on the new SUPERLITE leash."
World Tour Surfer - Jack Freestone



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