Introducing Our HardWear Mid Length Boardcovers

Introducing Our HardWear Mid Length Boardcovers

Up until recently if you had a mid-length surfboard you were either trying to squeeze the thing into a larger ‘shortboard’ cover, or letting it slosh around in longboard options. Not anymore. With the help of Creatures Team Rider Harrison Roach, we’ve developed the HardWear Collection - a series of covers that take cues from workwear durability in sizes that suit both mid length and fish surfboards.

“From my perspective, it’s been really hard to get boardcovers that fit that 7’0’’ range and are still nice and snug,” says Harrison. “These are everything they need to be and nothing they don’t. They’re great.”

Made with marine-grade fittings and tough duck canvas fabric, they’re geared to travel at home and beyond. The heritage aesthetics are a nod to the dependability of a tradesman work ethic, adding that extra confidence when searching for surf down less-beaten tracks.

“It’s a fun part of travel and adventure, making sure that before I go I’ve thought through everything and I’ve got the right stuff for whatever we’re up to,” adds Harrison. “When you’re on a bouncy dirt road on a motorbike in Indo somewhere and you have a snug little board bag that fits the rack, with the right surfboard for the trip, everything feels great. It’s exciting for me.”

Creatures HardWear Mid Length boardcovers can be found here, with Fish boardcover options found here as well. 


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