Creatures X FINPULLER Team Up

Creatures X FINPULLER Team Up

We're excited to announce our partnership with FINPULLER as the exclusive global distributor for the innovative fin removal and installation tool that has quickly become a must-have for all surfers everywhere.

Used worldwide FINPULLER works with virtually any removable fin system including FCS II and Futures. The patent-pending design is engineered for both fin removal and installation. Its lever-action creates a smooth, dependable and effortless operation. With its slim, lightweight design and compact size FINPULLER is an easy-to-use solution designed to benefit the top to bottom surfing experience.

FINPULLER Built Out of Necessity

FINPULLER was created by a passionate surfer who observed a common problem among surfers that needed to be solved.

The best things are built out of necessity and nothing rings more true for me at Finpuller. The idea sprung into my head after an all-day session at Lowers. I was watching a few local pros fighting with their fins and immediately I knew what I had to make; the worlds first fin removal and installation too. Being a designer I knew that I had to design the FINPULLER to work on all fin systems, not just to be the first of its type but also the most functional. As an ocean lover, I insisted on using recycled plastics and donating 1% of sales to various organizations that are cleaning our oceans,” said FINPULLER Founder Guri Milavski.


Both Creatures & FINPULLER Excited For Future

With years of depth and experiences in the surf market, Creatures of Leisure is extremely excited to add an innovative product into the mix to accompany their high quality, user friendly surf accessory range, “FINPULLER is a truly innovative solution to a problem many surfers have. It’s exciting to be partnering with Guri and his team in a product that in many ways reflects Creatures guiding philosophy which is to continuously improve the experience of surfing,” said Creatures of Leisure Director & CEO Nathan Omodei.

FINPULLER is equally as excited to partner with Creatures of Leisure and begin leveraging their global distribution network to get the product in as many surfers’ hands as possible, “Today is a big day for the FINPULLER team and brand. Partnering with a brand that has similar core values as us was crucial and doing a deal with Creatures of Leisure is a dream come true. We believe there is no better partner in surf. With this partnership, we’ll be able to reach surfers on all corners of the globe and get FINPULLER into every surfer’s hands. The future is looking brighter than ever for my team and me,” said Guri Milavski, FINPULLER founder.

FINPULLER is now available online here, as well as through authorized Creatures of Leisure distributors. 

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