Your Aussie Surf Wax Guide - Which Wax Is For You?

Your Aussie Surf Wax Guide - Which Wax Is For You?

Wax. Every surfer uses it. It’s a staple in the car or shoved in a grom’s beach backpack. But, what type of wax do you use depending on where you are in Australia? This guide breaks down state by state which Sex Wax is best depending on location and the time of year. 


New South Wales

Normally, your go-to wax in NSW will be Orange Sex Wax. It sits right in the 20 to 26 degree sea temp experienced in the bulk of the state for most of the year. If you’re further north, then Red will be in your quiver for summer especially. If you’re deep south, get into the Green for winter. 
If you want a good base coat (and something for Indo boat trips), then Blue is the one you’re after. 
For dusting some extra tacky traction as a top coat when needed, Dream Cream Silver will hit the polish.


Red or Orange Sex Wax will be your go-to in Queenland. Mid-summer it’s Red all the way, the rest of the time it’s all about Orange. 
For a good base coat to keep things crisp, lean on Blue label. For extra-sticky topcoats, polish things off in Bronze Dream Cream.

Victoria/South Oz

Green is your Vicco and South Oz go-to most of the time. Orange will be fine in summer, while those wanting soft joy in chilly winters will hit up Purple Sex Wax.
Orange also works well as a stable Victorian/SA base coat, while you can dust off your deck with Dream Cream Gold for extra-tacky traction (Silver in summer).  


Green is your traffic light to go most of the time in Tassie. As your toes turn Purple in winter, your Sex Wax choice should go the same colour too. 
Keep Orange on standby for base coats. Gold Dream Cream will polish off your stick with extra-tacky traction.

West Oz

Perth and South will have Orange in the surf pack pretty much all year. There’s a chance you might want Green in deep winter deep south, but that will be a matter of preference. 
Further North, you’ll range up into Red, especially for desert runs. Blue is a good base coat for this, and will be handy during Indo escapes.
Look to Silver Dream Cream in the south for a sticky stick, while Bronze up north will do the trick.

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Finally, it’s worth mentioning this is a general guide. There will be some people who love extra-soft wax all year round and are willing to deal with the occasional meltdown. Others will also prefer firmer, especially bootie wearers and hard-core purists. 
Start with the above though and adjust to preference as required. Surf on.


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