'Young Creatures'

'Young Creatures'

What do Young Creatures do? They find things they love and dedicate the time older peeps wish they had. Surfing with power and style are two things that are supposed to come with age. This latest Creatures of Leisure edit smashes the glass and throws that idea out the window. 

Featuring (in order of appearance): Jai Glindeman, Lungi Slabb, Micah Margieson, Hughie Vaughan, Winter Vincent, Rasmus King, Keanu Miller, Molly Picklum, Kobi Clements, Aelan Vaast, Justin Becret, Cruz Dinofa, Shion Crawford, Jett Schilling & Levi Slawson...Edit by Dan Scott.

...Shredding to a jam room performance titled "In My Head" by teenage rockers, Wooden Fox. Recorded March 2022. 

Ned Partington - Guitar/Vocals, Jack Collins - Bass, Alex Mitsopolous - Drums

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