The WSL Calendar has now boiled down to a final event. The Rip Curl Pro at Trestles will decide the world champs of 2023 in both the mens and women’s with 10 surfer total left in contention. If last year showed us anything, it’s that nothing is certain. Lowest seed can wear the crown at the end. The year’s dominant surfer can crack under pressure and let someone new surf through, or hold their nerve to clinch what they deserve. So, who will win Trestles? Surely the Creatures team can do it!

Let’s break it down.

Griffin Colapinto

Griffin Colapinto grew up surfing Trestles. It’s his true home break. That experience in freesurfing, and in regional, state and national competitions here, each add little percentage points into Griff’s chances at a win. There’s also the fact that Griff and Filipe have been going toe-to-toe all year. Griff came 2nd against Fil in the final at Sunset. He then beat Fil at Surf Ranch. Fil then got one back, when they went 1,2 again in El Salvador. Can Griff tip the match ups back the other way? Everyone in California would say ‘heck yes!’. As part of the Creatures Family, we echo that cry. He’ll have the hometown crowd behind him too - a big advantage at any event.  Visualise...Griff for World Champ!

Ethan Ewing

Ethan Ewing is like watching music surfing. The beats he hits, his flow from one melodic turn to the next. It’s just radically beautiful. We love it. Surf fans love it. He is the people's champ! The big shadow over Ethan though is his back. He fractured two vertebrae before Tahiti and was forced to pull out of the event. Even then, he’s at #3 in the world. Trestles is known for its underdog Australian winners too. Richie Lovett took out the event back when it was a regular WCT event in 2003 against Taj Burrow. Bede Durbidge won in 2006 against a peak-form Kelly Slater. Can Ethan revive that fairytale rhythm? It’s 50/50 as of writing, but here’s hoping!


Molly Picklum

Molly has just been incredible this year. With her early win at Sunset Beach, she’s looked like a title contender all season. Crazy for someone surfing their first full year on tour. Molly also hit a 2nd at J-Bay so has shown that early form was no fluke. Trestles as a wave suits progressive surfing too and that’s Molly’s M.O. She’s also a competitive weapon, with a head game well beyond her years. The title won’t come easy. World titles never do. But, we’re backing her for back-to-back Aussie World champs, following in Steph Gilmore’s massive comeback run in 2022. You can do it Molly!

To watch all the surfing action at Trestles, hit the WSL website and be ready when the event window opens Sept 8th.


Photos: Griff and Ethan by Scotty Hammonds, Molly by Bosko

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