Introducing the exclusive Grom Range

Introducing the exclusive Grom Range





1. A prepubescent young surfer, enthralled by wave riding and fueled by ice cream, hot dogs and other snacks extremely high in sugar.  

2. Often referred to as 'Groms’, this group can be found in coastal regions, primarily in and around the ocean. Traveling in packs, Grommets are known to cause ruckus while spreading copious amounts of stoke wherever they go.  

Introducing the exclusive new Grom Range, designed specifically for young surfers looking for reliable and high-quality equipment to complement their surfing.  

What would surfing be without Grommets? Lineups would be less vibrant and donut shops would be out of business. We love our younger generation of aspiring surfers – they're the lifeblood and future of our sport.  

It's no doubt that the future is worth investing in, so we developed an entire new collection uniquely designed for young surfers and all their needs. Give the collection a quick glimpse below:

Mini Signature Traction Pads - Mini Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore models, with smaller templates and dimensions for grom quivers. 

Grom Lite 5 - a lightweight leash with a kids fit cuff available in multiple fun colour-ways.

Fluro Citrus Lime XS Arc Fins - bright and vibrant surf fins for groms who love rail surfing and carving maneuvers. 

Grom Day Use Boardcover - designed with a smaller template which is perfect for smaller Grom boards. These have the same features and specifications as our Day Use Covers with added rad colour hits. 

Grom Poncho - complete with grom artwork including skulls and palm trees this is a must for any rambuctious young surfer and all of their parking lot antics .

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