Surfboard straps and soft racks - what’s best?

Surfboard straps and soft racks - what’s best?

Surfboard straps and surfboard soft racks are an absolute essential for any surfer worth their salt. But, do you get the cheapies from Bunnings? Wing it with rope? Or go some tie downs with a bit more grunt? This guide gives you a rundown on which surfboard straps are good for what, and which option you’d use if you’re wondering how to tie a surfboard on a car without racks… The Creatures Surf Straps Guide.

Great All-Round Surfboard Straps

Want some no-nonsense surf tie downs that will last the distance? These Creatures surfboard straps come with a few sneaky features especially for surfers. There’s a moulded silicone buckle that stops scratching on your car and stays soft on your rails. The heavy-duty webbing has been UV treated so it doesn’t break down in the sun. Plus, there’s a handy carry bag to stuff them in, keeping the back of your car tidy. Great to slide into your backpack when traveling too. 

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Surfboard Soft Racks

Surfboard soft racks are what you turn to if you need to secure your board on a car without built-in roof bars. Great for hire cars. Great for keeping mum’s hatchback scratch free too. All you need to do is put the soft part on top, secured via connecting straps through the doors and then tie the boards on safely. Creatures softracks come in two sizes, a single that can fit up to three boards stacked on top of each other, or a ‘double’ that can fit up to six boards. 

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Surfboard Tie Downs For Trucks and Utes

It’s not just roof racks that surfboards get tied onto these days. Plenty of crew have trucks and utes with tray-lengths that don’t fit their full quiver. Rather than just rolling up towels onto the tailgate and hoping that offers enough protection, there are now these padded straps fit for the purpose. A great one for tradies, or those who love rocking their F-150 beast to the beach.

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Extra Surfboard Rack Padding

Tie downs aren’t the only thing surfers need to think about when wanting to strap down our surfboards safely. Making sure there’s enough padding to keep fibreglass from cracking is another consideration. Creatures have a few options to help solve this. There’s aero pads to suit square racks, foam sleeves to suit circles, and roof rack pads with straps attached to them. 

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