Surfboard Bike Racks To Get You Moving

Surfboard Bike Racks To Get You Moving

Getting to the beach is a huge part of surfing. While a lot of crew drive, grommets or people wanting to avoid traffic and parking often look to the humble bicycle. Riding a bike to the beach was an ordeal back in the day. You had to wrestle your board under your arm, or use old-school racks that had your board upright and acted as a windcatcher. Steering safely was a nightmare. Forget it if you rode a longboard. Not anymore. Moved By Bikes have developed a range of epic surfboard bike racks to turn your pushy into a beach-going machine. There’s options for longboards, shortboards and even SUPs. 

If you’re the kind of person who prefers pedal power (or a Moped) to get to the surf, here’s a guide to the best surfboard bike racks for you.

Shortboard Bike Rack 

This is the Moved by Bikes go-to surfboard bike rack. It’s easy to install, lets you take the rack arms off at the click of a button when you’re not using them, and takes boards up to 7’0’’ in length. 

The other epic thing about this surfboard bike rack is that it’s made from stainless steel and aluminium. No more salty air or water rusting things up. They’re built to last and built to go fast. Because the shortboard bike rack is attached to the seat mount, it should fit with just about any bicycle you have in the shed too. 

Longboard and SUP Bike Rack 

Long, thick, wide. That’s the main benefit of longboards and SUPs in the ocean, but it makes them a major hassle to lug around on land. The Moved by Bikes Longboard rack makes this way easier, with fully adjustable racks that even allow your trusty log to fit. 

Like the surfboard bike rack, it has rack arms that click off with ease and is fully constructed in stainless steel and aluminium. This one mounts steadily onto your frame and can take boards up to a solid 12kg in weight.

Moped Surfboard Rack 

It’s not just push bikes that are great for getting to the beach on. Anyone who’s zipped around Bali with a motorbike surfboard rack knows the freedom of weaving through traffic and pulling up in pole position. 

This Moped Surfboard rack fits easily to common moped and scooter tubular cargo racks, and is suitable for both longboards and shortboards. It’s also the only moped surfboard rack with fully removable arms, keeping things sleek and safe when you’re riding without your board. 

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