Molly Picklum Joins The Creatures of Leisure Team

Molly Picklum Joins The Creatures of Leisure Team

Two-time Aussie champ, pro-junior champ, and rising QS star Molly Picklum has joined the Creatures of Leisure surf team. The deal, which will see Molly ride for Creatures for the next 3 years at least, was originally initiated by 3 x World Champ and Creatures team member Mick Fanning.

“When Mick calls you up and says you have to put someone on the team, you listen,” laughs Head of Creatures Product and Brand, Beau Campi. “Molly is an incredible surfer so we’re really excited to have her on board.”

“Molly has the full game dialled already,” continues Fanning. “She has carves, is a great tube rider and throws crazy airs too. She’s part of the future of women’s surfing, so it’s epic to see her now on the best hardware to help support her rise. It’s those 1% advantages that make all the difference at the top.”

Molly Picklum Joins The Creatures of Leisure Surf Team

“I’m so stoked to be on the Creatures team and Mick’s vote of confidence is really special,” says Molly about the signing. “To be on a team with some of my favourite surfers like Mick, Italo, Steph and Griffin is a dream come true. I can’t wait to start giving feedback and putting all the Creatures gear through its paces.”

Molly has already won 2 QS events this year in the 2021 season, so is well placed to potentially qualify for the Championship Tour in 2022. Stay tuned for some big things from the 18 year old Australian. Molly’s story is only just beginning.

Molly Picklum Surfboards

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