Little Tools Can Make a Big Difference

Little Tools Can Make a Big Difference

We are a proud partner with non-profit organisation 'Waves For Water'. Since 2009, they have implemented over 155 clean water programs in 45 countries globally. To continue our support in making clean drinking water accessible to those in need we have created the Creatures/W4W wax comb. It's a little tool that can make a big difference! 

With one in three people around the world still without access to clean water, it’s an issue that impacts a huge portion of the population, but can still be tackled one step at a time.  

Proceeds from the sale of each wax comb funds water filters implemented by W4W and used by communities in need. These filters provide potable water for drinking, but also for cleaning, bathing, cooking, watering plants and more.

Since the filters can be continuously back-washed and re-used, they have an extremely long life expectancy. Each filter can provide enough clean water for 100 people per day and if maintained properly, they will last for years. With a filter life capacity of up to 3,785,000 litres, each wax comb equals 27,833 litres of clean water.

“Small things add up to make a big difference,” says head of Brand and Product at Creatures, Beau Campi. “The team at Waves for Water have proven that with their consistent approach over the last twelve years. Not only does clean water improve the health of people in the communities they’ve helped, but that ripple effect spreads to mean less money spent on medicine, less time being sick, less time having to find or boil water and better time spent doing more enriching things. We’re inspired by what Waves for Water has been able to achieve, so wanted to support that. It’s the first step in a partnership we hope can go on to do even more positive things.”  

Creatures x W4W wax combs are made from 50% up-cycled factory scrap materials. They are available at surf shops that carry Creatures gear and right here on our website. Be sure to grab one with your next purchase and help to make a big difference.

Waves for Water was founded by surfer Jon Rose back in 2009, who believed there could be a more meaningful way to participate in the world. The targeted, special ops style, non-profit now helps bring better rainwater-harvesting systems, constructs and restores bore-hole wells, and implements portable water filtration systems for communities who need it most. The cause has been especially close to the heart to a lot of pro surfers who travel to regions like Indonesia and see first hand the impact that having (or not having) clean water holds.

If you’re traveling somewhere you think may need access to better water, you can also become part of the Waves for Water courier program, delivering filters to communities around the world. Simply visit to find out more.   

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