The Best Surf Backpacks : A deep dive into Creatures dry bags

The Best Surf Backpacks : A deep dive into Creatures dry bags

The humble surf backpack cops a beating on the beach. Wind, sand, sunshine, rain, salt. The elements can be brutal. So, for a surf backpack to last and keep your gear sorted, there are a few musts. Enough space. Closures that will keep sand/weather out and not clog up over time. Waterproof materials that stop wet gear dripping all over you when hiking back to the car. Straps that make things comfortable to carry. If you’re on a boat or jetski you need even heavier waterproofing.

We’ve spent years testing, abusing, redesigning and reimagining bags to see if we can make the best surf backpack. Now we think we’ve done it. But, because ‘best’ depends on what you’re using it for, we have a range of options to suit different needs. This is a deep dive into those surf backpacks, where they shine, and how to get the most out of them.

First up...

The Best Surf Backpack For Watermen

Boat trips, jetski sessions, camping during hurricane season. If you’re doing any of these things you’ll need a surf backpack that stands up to not just showers, but proper submersions. This is that bag. The Creatures S-Lock Dry Bag is rated at IPX8 Waterproofing. That’s a fancy way of saying it will go 1.5 meters underwater for half an hour without any moisture getting in. There’s 35L of space which is plenty to stuff in a couple of towels, spare clothes, shoes, your phone, and maybe a couple of tins of beer.

The name of the bag comes from the triple-lock seal that needs to form an S shape to open it. It also has a roll top and clip for even more waterproofing. The moulded back panel and straps keep things super comfortable to carry, and the actual material is a rugged TPU like the SAS use to make inflatable watercraft. In short, it’s tough, functional and built to last. In all black, it looks pretty stealth too.

Check out more on the S-Lock Dry Bag here.

The Best Surf Backpack for Travel

Hitting Hawaii. Going on an Indo mission. Packing the car for a road trip. You want a surf backpack that’s going to be versatile and carry other essentials like a laptop. Our Transfer Day Bag is purpose-built to do all of that with solid water-resistance as well. Made from a weatherproof canvas with fully-taped seams, there’s 25 litres of space for clothes or a wetsuit, plus pockets to stash your sunnies, wax, headphones and other things you might want to grab quickly.

It’s styled like a day bag that looks at home on a plane or in an office, so you know it’ll go just about anywhere without getting funny looks. Adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back panel make things breathable and comfortable for humid conditions too. Your all-rounder that goes the extra mile.

Check out more on the Transfer Dry Bag here.

The Best Surf Backpacks For Day Use

Sometimes you just want a no-nonsense bag to chuck all your gear in and go. We’ve made two Day Use Dry Bag options depending on how much you’re taking.

The first is a solid 20 Litre option which is great for a wetsuit and towel, and a tiny bit more. It’s made from durable waterproof fabric, has sonic-welded waterproof seams, and a roll top to keep everything dry. Sling it over your shoulder and stomp down the beach knowing that on the way back there’ll be no drips from your wetty.

The next Day Use Dry Bag is a 35L big boy that will fit a couple of towels and two wetsuits. Something to supply and have your mate carry everything when he’s whining he forgot his own backpack. Using the same waterproof fabric and sonic-welded seams as it’s smaller cousin, this one has double shoulder straps to keep heavy-when-wet loads easy to carry. Something to double as a wetty bucket in the back of a car too.

Check out the 20L Day Use Dry Bag here, or the 35L Day Use Dry Bag here.

The Best Surf Backpack Extras

A lot of people already have a surf backpack they love and simply need a little extra water protection. That’s when water-resistant pouches for things like a phone, or to keep sand out of your wax, come in handy. Mick Fanning is a big advocate of these, pushing us to offer two sizes in a single pack. Just remember they aren’t fully water proof, so don’t try to rig one up as an underwater bum bag when snorkeling. Ideal to stash devices in any good surf backpack. Also great to organize your wax and bits in the back of the car.

To check out the Storage Pouches click here.

To shop the full Creatures Dry Luggage range, head here


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