Who Is Luana Silva?

Who Is Luana Silva?

Luana Silva. Surfer. Hawaiian. Brazilian. 

Hawaiian born to Brazilian parents, Luana Silva has pure stoke running through her blood (Luana even means Happiness in Hawaiian). Luana jumped onto the surfing world’s radar when she won two QS events in Australia as a 15 year old back to back a couple of years ago. In 2021 she took out a major Challenger Series event in Portugal to soar up the ratings and into the qualification zone. Fresh out of high-school, Silva is now ready to hit the 2022 tour as a 17-year-old prodigy.

Fresh gear will help that attack, according to Luana:

“It’s super important to have really reliable surf gear like Creatures, especially in Hawaii where we have solid waves most of the year. Creatures traction/gear has always worked the best for me here and around the world!” 

The below podcast with Dave Prodan offers some epic insight into who Luana Silva is and her mindset when taking on the world's best, in the world's heaviest waves.

Luana Silva Interview

To follow Luana's journey, she's super active on Instagram. Check it out here.

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