New Creature Imaikalani deVault!

New Creature Imaikalani deVault!

Imaikalani deVault. Surfer. Hawaiian. Full Tilt Cruiser.

Maui born and bred, Imaikalani deVault (aka Imai) is the newest member of the Creatures family. Imai’s style is a mix of raw power and buttery style. He’s quiet on land but wild in the water, throwing hammers and airs like nobody’s business.

Here’s what Imai said about joining the Creatures team: 

“To be a part of a core brand like Creatures is epic! I used Creatures gear as a grom and it has always been one of my favorite surf brands."

So where is Imaikalani deVault most likely to turn heads on tour? While you'd expect any Hawaiian to shine in barrels like Portugal, G-Land and Chopes, you might be surprised at how well he does in places like Brazil, and he could easily be throwing excellent results time after time.

Check the clip below on Imai from Stab that shows what this calm, collected kid is capable of…

Stay tuned for much more from this young Hawaiian surfer. Hit up his Instagram here.


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